Why the BlackBerry HUB on Android Makes Sense

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What are the current solutions available right now on Android? There’s CloudMagic, Gmail (which supports “some” other email providers), Mailbox by Dropbox, Inbox by Google. Really, there is no great solution. People are dying for a good email management solution. I have been using CloudMagic and Mailbox android apps on my Z30 to manage all my junk email accounts. And honestly, the app doesn’t compare in the slightest to the HUB. None of these solutions have social media integration and others either.

The HUB just for managing email and calendar is phenomenal. There’s no android app that’s really pulling that off right now at the moment. So you don’t think people will pay to use the HUB on Android/iOS? I respect your opinion but if BlackBerry markets it right and prices it competitively, then I am willing to bet that many people would throw a few bucks to get an end-all be-all email management solution. 1-5 billion people are currently putting up with the native gmail app and 12-60m people are using either inbox/mailbox/cloudmagic to manage their email on Android so there’s definitely an opportunity there. The HUB would be a direct competitor to those 4 apps of which have 1.012 – 5.060 billion users.

They don’t need to sell it to everyone, they just need to grab up a small fraction of that userbase.. and that’s ONLY talking Android, using 3rd party email management clients. Heck, they can make a freemium model HUB. Make it competitive to the others currently out there and then just offer a paid in-app upgrade for a couple dollars to unlock more functionality/productivity. CloudMagic has a free version and up until April charged $5 per MONTH for the paid subscription and people pay for it! And the features the paid version included weren’t even that great. So there is most definitely a business model and opportunity there. You have to keep in mind, just because we have been spoiled with the HUB on BB10 doesn’t mean that Android has any extremely great email management solutions. Native email management sucks which is why 3rd party apps exist to fill the gap. And even those 3rd party apps aren’t as robust or productive as the HUB. There’s money to be made, just because all of these apps are seemingly “free” on the front doesn’t mean that they are not making any money. If that was the case, these apps wouldn’t exist.

There’s no money in free apps without advertisements. Most of these “free” apps are really “freemium” and offer subscription models for more features and these paying users are supporting the company to exist so the simple fact that CloudMagic exists today as one of the largest email management apps on Android shows a propensity for BlackBerry to gain traction in this segment.

It’s just so easy to overlook what is actually going on in the Android ecosystem when you just see “everything” as being “free” when in reality, that’s not exactly the case.

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