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  • Android on BlackBerry is Good Business

    Posted in Technology on Aug 30, 2015

    This is primarily in response to the question "Why doesn't BlackBerry pay big name app developers to get them on-board?" - as I know it's a question that a very large part of the community is wondering. Why not go that route and stick to their guns with BB10 instead of jumping ship to Android? The answer is that they will simply never secure those apps… Microsoft took the route of paying billions for advertising and bringing app developers on board.

  • Why the BlackBerry HUB on Android Makes Sense

    Posted in Technology on Jun 16, 2015

    What are the current solutions available right now on Android? There’s CloudMagic, Gmail (which supports “some” other email providers), Mailbox by Dropbox, Inbox by Google. Really, there is no great solution. People are dying for a good email management solution. I have been using CloudMagic and Mailbox android apps on my Z30 to manage all my junk email accounts. And honestly, the app doesn’t compare in the slightest to the HUB. None of these solutions have social media integration and others either.